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“Jim Olin and his team were extremely helpful in assisting us with a very complicated re-capitalization of our company. Without his advice and expertise, I doubt it would have been this successful.”

Bob Oakes, Managing Partner, Village Realty Holdings LLC


"This deal would have never happened without you..  If there is ever a seller (or buyer) who is unsure if they should need your service please have them contact me."

Markus Kirchmayr, LPM, Owner, Vacation Big Sky


​"Jim is a master negotiator and has a knack for bringing clarity to a situation. On several occasions, after sizing up an opportunity, it has been his recommendation for me to walk away. His ability to bring logic to an otherwise emotional situation has saved me a lot of money."
Joe Nahman, Owner, Hilton Head Accommodations

"The sale of ResortQuest to Gaylord in 2002 was both a complicated and difficult process. From the initial negotiations to the closing date, Jim Olin spearheaded the entire effort, which resulted in both a significant value increase for our shareholders, and a smooth transition for our customers and employees." 

 Joe Vittoria, Former Chairman & CEO, Avis & Former Chairman of the Board, ResortQuest

“I could not be more pleased with the work Jim and C2G provided during the recent sale of my company. He made sure that, not only did I get a fair price for my company, but all the ‘moving parts’ were handled correctly. I am completely satisfied, and have already recommended him to a colleague." 

​Laurie Contois, Owner Greenbrier Valley Resorts

"Even though C2G was representing the other party in our transaction, I was very impressed with their professionalism and drive to get the deal closed. It would have been difficult to get done without them."

Al Williams, Partner Cabin Fever Vacations & Former President, VRMA

"We needed a combination of strategic direction, operational enhancements, and a potential exit strategy. Jim Olin helped us on all three. I recommend C2G Advisors wholeheartedly." 

Steve Hodgdon, Owner The Rental Connection


“C2G Advisors helped me in many ways with my marketing, unit procurement and overall growth strategies. We were very pleased with their expertise and first-hand knowledge of the industry, and their ability to help us garner new revenue opportunities.”
Audrey Miller, Owner, Cottage Connection of Maine Inc.

"Jim was the ‘quarterback’ for the sale of our company. The process was organized and efficient, allowing us to complete a closed transaction in less than 45 days. I am extremely satisfied with Jim's involvement in helping us to achieve our goal."

Ben Edwards President, Waterstone Resorts, LLC

“Without the help of C2G, I doubt we would have been able to wind through the intricacies and challenges that faced our rapid growth. C2G kept us focused, and provided the expert oversight needed for us to achieve our goals. They continue to be the first company we call for help." 

Rick Harrison, CEO National Urgent Care Centers

“Jim Olin has shown the unique ability to manage multiple mergers and acquisitions at one time, while at the same time continuing to manage the day-to-day operations of a large multi-national company. A proven leader with proven successes.”

Steve Caron President, Rooster.com

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