Guesty Acquires StaySense in Major Deal

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Guesty StaySense acquisition

Guesty Acquires StaySense in Major Deal



C2G Advisors played a pivotal role in facilitating the merger and acquisition deal between Guesty and StaySense. Guesty , a prominent platform offering software solutions for short-term rentals, has recently announced the acquisition of StaySense, a company specializing in marketing and distribution solutions for property managers. This strategic move is set to reshape the industry and redefine the services offered to vacation rental managers.


While the terms of the acquisition are undisclosed, this transaction is significant for both Guesty and StaySense. Guesty, who recently raised $170 million, has been on an acquisition spree since last August. The acquisition of StaySense follows its successful integration of YieldPlanet, Kigo, and HiRUM.


Empowering Vacation Rental Managers


StaySense has carved a niche for itself by providing VRM companies with a suite of tools for marketing and distribution. Their proprietary booking engine is designed to help companies compete with global online travel agencies. By joining forces with Guesty, StaySense aims to enhance its reach and impact on the market.

“After many successful collaborations with Guesty over the past few years and many hours spent with the Guesty team, we believe that working together will prove valuable not only to StaySense as a business unit but also allow us to grow faster and service customers with an even better experience”


>> Read StaySense’s Press Release Here


The StaySense and Guesty Merge


Founder of StaySense, David Angotti, joins Guesty team with the acquisiton.¬† Amiad Soto, CEO and co-founder of Guesty, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “David fits beautifully into Guesty’s DNA of industry experts, and the acquisition of StaySense further strengthens our position as the leading platform for vacation rental managers.”


Since its inception in 2013, Guesty has grown from its original  into a global powerhouse in the vacation rental management software (VRMS) industry. With 15 offices and over 800 employees worldwide, the company offers a suite of software solutions designed to help vacation rental property managers to succeed in the short-term rental landscape.


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