VendorVibes Interview with Short-term Rental Advisor, Jacobie Olin

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VendorVibes Interview with Short-term Rental Advisor, Jacobie Olin


Rebecca Lombardo, a marketing strategist in the short-term rental industry, conducts an exclusive interview with STR advisor and President of C2G Advisors, Jacobie Olin. Through her ‘VendorVibes’ vlog, Rebecca offers concise YouTube interviews that connect buyers, sellers, and vendors in the industry.


C2G had the honor of being featured on VendorVibes, where Jacobie Olin shares his extensive experience in the short-term rental market. Jacobie’s deep roots in the industry and extensive number of successful transactions set C2G apart from competitors. During the interview, he reflects on his long-standing relationship with the vacation rental industry.


“I grew up stripping bed sheets taking trashes out and I have seen the vast iterations and evolutions of this industry over the last 30 years and it’s been just unbelievable what it’s turned in today versus what it was”


C2G’s Short Term Rental Advisory Process


Jacobie elaborates on C2G’s client criteria, focusing on property managers with at least 50 units under management. This selective approach enables C2G to deliver tailored solutions that drive short term rental businesses forward.


“We turned our service on its head and we started working with Sellers, and we feel with that we can now position these sellers in a light where they can extract the maximum value for their business and find the best partner that’s going to take their business, their brand, and their employees to the next level.”


Once a client expresses interest and contacts Jacobie, a free consultation ensues. During this process, C2G uncovers how they can best support their clients business ventures. Jacobie also discusses C2G’s consulting option and how it assists clients in their business trajectory. C2G takes deep dives into a companies’ data, including key metrics, financials, and industry best practices. They also offer evaluations to potential clients, identifying areas of improvement and growth opportunities. Jacobie’s focus on positive outcomes and client satisfaction drives the company’s mission.



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